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When it comes to home remodeling services Greensboro Remodeling has the expertise, the experience, the commitment and the knowledge to get the job done on time, and on budget as planned.

From conception to final inspection you can rest easy knowing that only top certified Masters of their trades are handling your home remodeling projects.

And that's precisley why for over 25 years we've been doing the exact same thing, helping home owners just like yourself with all their home remodeling projects. We take pride in our work and we only have the most qualified commited personel working on your project to ensure 100% satisfaction with guaranteed end results.

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Greensboro Remodeling Services is an all in one destination for all your individual remodeling needs and “wants”. Whether you are in the market for new bathroom countertops or screening in your deck you will find it with us. Greensboro Remodeling Services will assist you with taking your ideas for your home and turning them into a reality. Whether it be painting the interior or exterior, a roof replacement, building a deck, crown moulding or just having your house pressure washed, we can help.

Greensboro Remodeling Services is a General Contractor with over 25 years experience and fully licensed.
Why choose Greensboro Remodeling Services for your Home Remodeling needs?

Our Home Remodeling company is based around quality products and service. We help design, sell and install from the start to finish. Hiring professional people and personal service makes our company a smart choice. We also service what we sell and stand by our work. We create your new kitchen, bathroom, deck, ect.. based on the design of your home and the lifestyle of your family. We take pride in the craftsmanship of our work.

Serving Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, Summerfieled, Stokesdale and Surrounding Areas. If you need to arrange a simple project such as pressure washing or have a complete home renovation please call for a free consultation at 336-324-2654

Bottom Line Is This!

"We don't just want our customers satisfied with our home remodeling services, we want YOU Elated with our home remodeling services"

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Greensboro Remodeling
Greensboro Remodeling Services is your one stop shopping destination for all your remodeling services:

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Carolina Heritage Homes Carolina Heritage Homes build homes that  reflect the lifestyles and demands

Greensboro Remodeling Services


"Top 7 Tips To Ask Before Hiring a Remodeling Service" There are multiple home renovation shows on TV that are dedicated to helping the poor home owners deal with their disastrous home renovations.

Do you really think you can hire a professional and just delegate the home renovation to him/her and they will take care of it? If so, you will end up a statistic and maybe end up on one of those home disaster episodes.

Your home renovation is a task to manage. You need to do your due diligence and ask questions before, during and all the way through your home remodeling. Just remember, no matter what happens to your home while being worked on, your contractor is going home to his house. His or her job site is where you go home. Please make sure you understand that can and shouldn’t demand or expect anything less than excellence.
OK, where do you begin?
Below you will find 7 very important things the contractor won’t let you in on that are vital to know before you start remodeling.

1) Is Your Contractor Properly Insured, Bonded and Licensed???   
It’s pretty simple to check a doctor or lawyers credentials. Most likely, when you walk into his or her office you will see the degrees or certificates. How in the world do you determine if your contractor is licensed, insured and bonded? If they’re bonded and fail to finish your job, you’re covered for up to $12,500. If they’re not you’re out of luck. If they are insured and cause damage to your home you’re covered. If not, you’re out of luck. Before you open the door, you should check to make sure he’ or she is licensed, insured and bonded.
You are definitely going to want to see a copy of the lien releases for any subcontractors their using. This will protect you if he decides to not pay them so they don’t put a lien on your house.
We also advise spending the extra money it takes to run a credit check on a contractor. “A Red Flag will pop up quickly if their history shows they aren’t paying their bills or are always late in paying their bills. This could very well the best petty cash you ever spent.
Check with your state’s contractor license board. Either Google your state + contractor license board — or use a site like this:
Just remember, if a contractor knocks on your door saying he noticed something you may need done, it could be a scam. Make sure to get him to send you a quote in writing and check his credentials before you let him or her do the work.

2) Maybe You should have picked one of the other guys
You get what you pay for, right and the cheapest guy isn’t always the best guy, RIGHT? Especially when you’re talking about your home!
Let’s say you get three bids. You may want to look more at the middle guy. I am not saying the low guy or high guy is automatically disqualified. You just need to ask a few obvious questions. You might ask the low guy what he left out or do differently to make his price cheaper.

3) Communication is Key
You still have a list of things to talk about even after you and your contractor pick everything out and decide what’s going to be done.
You need to discuss things like what hours will you be working and will they interfere with your daily life at home. What times are alright to use the loud equipment, who is going to clean up all the dirt and dust, who is going to remove the trash, what are the rules pertaining to food, drinks or smoking?
Let’s say one of the contractors brings these sorts of things up in conversation and the other contractor doesn’t. You might be inclined to go with the contractor that didn’t discuss the messy part because he painted a pretty picture for you and left you with good feelings. However, it would be better to go with the contractor that tried to communicate the reality of the situation because he just didn’t say what you wanted to hear to get your business.
4) I just want to make it look pretty nice
You need to know that your contractor is not a designer.
A majority of contractors aren’t going let you in on the fact that you could get an extra 2 feet of space if you rearranged a pipe and ran it around another direction. Maybe they are competent enough to make your new flooring even with the old floor and all it would take is a little extra work.
They want to make their lives as simple as possible, make it look nice enough, take your money and move on to the next one as quick as possible.
You need someone that is going to ask what is important to you!

5) I am a Jack of All Trades but a pro at none.
You need to figure out how your contractor plans to perform your remodeling. Does he plan on doing it himself or will he use subcontractors?
You may think that having one person do everything is better. After all, you already met and chose him and it’s less expensive to have one guy instead of 5, right? This isn’t necessarily true.
There are plenty of guys that are a Jack of All Trades but a pro at none.
This is when you can run into issues because you are talking about a multitude of skill seta. Most people are probably knowledgeable in one or two trades but most likely an expert in all of them.

6) I may not work at your home every day because I have other projects
Understandably your home renovation means a tremendous amount to you, but it’s just another job for your contractor.
Every contractor juggles jobs because it’s just part of the equation. They need to have several projects all going at the same time in order to pay their bills. All this means is that they are most likely NOT going to be there every day.
You will need to accept this but you don’t have to accept a lack of communication.
They don’t want to let you in on this because they are scared it will make you nervous and possibly not use them.
You need to stay in front of them and calendar which days they are going to be in your home and what portion they are there for.

7) If You Pay them too Much in the Beginning will they Leave Before the Job is Completed
Home Remodeling always cost a small percent more than you expected. What you may not understand is if you pay them too much up front they not even finish the work.
Some people pay as they install things. If you’re doing a room and the cabinets are 90 percent of your cost and you paid them for the 90 percent then you have just paid almost your entire bill. Who is to say the will even come back?
You need to find out how much your contractor will charge you for any change orders or things you decide to add on as the job progresses.
Make sure you negotiate the labor per hour cost of any changes before the work starts. This way, you can’t be charged $90 or $100 for additional work if you’re told it’s going to be $60 an hour. You can also put a cap on materials so you won’t end up feeling angry or upset while showing friends and family when you point out your $10,000 toilet!

7 Important Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Contractor
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